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From the idea to the hobby

Scuba-diving: a fascinating experience!
It's hard to say more, because it is a unique, life-long adventure. Because we don't have the words to describe what the Sub-Aquatic World has to offer her visitors. Because deep feelings are so hard to describe. And because what the scuba-diver sees during each dive is always unic.

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Exclusive Divers offers a complete training program, arranging dive-trips every day during the summer, including weekends and national holidays, throughout the year. Our professional service extends to a dive-shop and a service station for your equipment! We do a lot of specialist-dives, like Wreck-, Cavern-, Deep-, Night-, Nitrox-, Handicapped-diving,...


Courses PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

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Discover Scuba 60,-€

An unforgettable introduction. This will be your first foray in discovering the wonders of the sub-aquatic! This course is a shallow scuba-dive from the shore under the direct supervision from a instructor.

Discover Scuba Diving 100,-€

With this step you get your first Certification. We do a academic lesson and a practical pool dive before we enter into the sea for your first Scuba-dive. This is part of the Open Water Diver Course. If you wish to continue, you pay for the whole course only the rest of 260,-€ and begin it right away!

Open Water Diver Course 330,-€

Your first step to become a certified recreational diver. This course will permit you to dive anywhere in the world. You will be able to discover the other 70% of our beautiful and astonishing planet! Academic , practical pool lessons and four dives in the sea are included in the price.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course 190,-€

This course opens up a more diverse aspect to scuba-diving. It will provide you with the necessary skills to do night dives, deep dives (until 30m ), explore wrecks, navigate under water and more. An opportunity for interesting and challenging dives that are unforgettable! We do five dives during one weekend and the Book is also included.

Medic First Aid 75,-€

A useful course to learn and practice first Aid and CPR skills. This course is available to non-divers too!

Rescue Diver Course 225,-€

As the name suggests, this course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to avoid and to handle any potential problems that may arise before, while or after diving; helping yourself, your dive-buddy or any other diver who is in the need of assistance.

Master Scuba Diver( price depends on the wishes and courses)

This is the highest level as a recreational scuba-diver! With 5 Specialties and a lot of experience you can become a real Master in scuba diving.

Dive Master Course 600,-€

Directly after doing your Rescue Diver Course, you may take the first professional step in scuba diving: the Divemaster.

An intensive and informative course. The professional certification allows you to dive and work as a highly trained and flexible professional within the Dive Industry. A wholly different, new and exciting approach to scuba diving, it offers invaluable advice on leadership skills, thus making you an efficient and confident diver and enabling you to actively assist on dive-trips and education.

Assistant Instructor 550,-€

As an AI you are able to do courses and do a lot more within an Dive-Center or a Dive School then a DM. Besides it is a perfect preparation for the Instructor Course, called IDC(Instructor Development Course), because you do learn nearly everything you have to learn there!



 PADI Specialties:

Nitrox Diver  120,-€

Deep Diver 90,-€

Night Diver 105,-€

U/W-Navigator 60,-€

Wreck Diver 90,-€

U/W Videographer 70,-€

U/W Photographer  70,-€

Scooter Diver 80,-€

Boat Diver 50,-€

Handicapped Dive Buddy 120,-€

Peak Performance Boyancy 60,-€

 TDI Courses:

Nitrox Diver------------------150,-€

Advanced Nitrox--------------240,-€

Decompression Proceedures--450,-€


Dive Trip 13,50€

Night Dive 17,-€


Rental Equipment

Tank -------------------------------------------- 7,50€

BCD --------------------------------------------- 7,50€

Regulator --------------------------------------- 7,50€

Weight --------------------------------------------- 2,50

Suit with weight -------------------------------- 7,50€

ABC(mask, fins and snorkel) with weight 5,-€

Dive + tank, BCD, regulator and weight 35,-€

Dive + complete equipment --------------- 40,-€


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