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The Exclusive Divers Red Sea Millenium Tour

At the 30.12.2000 a few tough diver meat to discover the north Red Sea.

10 dive-entusiasts meat at the 30.12.2000 in Hurghada in Egypt on board of the dive boat Millenium to enjoy 7 days of non-limit diving. The boat is 1 year old and specialy made for the needs of scuba-divers with a great crew to help and serve the divers. The ten explorers, Abi, Hellen, Gitte, Dominic, Mike, Chris, José, Paul, Teresa and Fabian are coming together from Portugal, England, Germany and Belgium to encounter the beauty of the Red Sea. Our dive-Guide Moni from Germany is living for  4 years in Hurghada as a Guide and know a lot of beautyful places and wrecks.


The first dive we did after a short trip at Gota Abu Ramadu as a check dive, that means we check our weights and the new conditions and the Guide test our knowledge and abilitys as divers. This place was great to start with: right below the boat was a big green Muray-eel waiting for us and after we wonder about the colours and forms of Parrot- ,Unicorn-, Soldierfish, Snapper and so on and so on. It was for a few of us like their are in the middle of a LSD-Trip!!!

Fishes everywhere!  Parotfish

Very early the next day we dived before breakfast at Shaab Ruhr Umm Guma. An excellent morning-dive-site! In an hole we saw a muray-eel get cleaned and tooth-brushed by a small fish. Aside there were other fishes waiting like in a cue to receive the same service and a little further was a hugh 2m Murray looking at us intruders.

After the breakfast we went to Shaab Umm Usch where a old Patrol-Boat was laying in pieces. Also this was a marveles dive with more things we saw, then I could describe here!

We did there a Night dive with a breath-taking under water world full of Lionfishes, Murrays, Glasfishes and so on.


The next day, it was the first day of the new milenium, we dived at the wreck of the Chrisoula in 25m depth. A beauty of a ship it wasn´t, but as a wreck it was good! A few of us could even visit the Engine-Room! It looks like if somebody would clean the engines, they could start working right away!

After a good breakfast and a short pause, we went to next wreck at this site: the Kimo M or better known as Seastar. Apart from some Batfishes and a lot of Glasfishes it was a nice and easy wreck to dive on. Everythink was big and there were no problems for no one to dive where ever they want to and to explore it all.

In the afternoon finaly we dived at the Carnatic-Wreck: an 130 year ago sunken wooden ship, that transported wines. Beautyful wooden structures and the femonanous sea-life make this dive as unforgotable like the others: we dived in the middle of history! a Murray looked at us like she was asking :» what the hell you are doing in my living-room?!« and a big Crocodilefish was waiting outside for prey, perfectly camouflaged.

After this ´wreck-day`we drived to Bluff Point and ancored there for the night and did a nice night-dive there in the shallow water. The next day we did two dives at the wreck of the Ulysis at Shaab Gubal Soraya at 26m depht: a beauty of a totaly broken wreck with so many corals, soft and hard ones, that sometimes you don´t know where the wreck ends and the coral garden starts! At the end of the second dive we dived back to the boat along the reef and again get amazed of the colours and forms natur created!

Later that day we dived at the wreck of the Leichter: a bigger rudderboat with nothing left in there; it seems to be a boring site compared to the others we saw before. At night then we where promised to have an excellent night dive here and we tried....


What does it made the best night dive I ever had wasn´t only the out of real colours I didn´t notice during the day, or all the Glasfishes, or the Lionfishes all around us.

Neither the three hugh Stonefishes lurking at us or the two big Crocodilefishes. The free swimming Muray-Eels where also nice, but this all together at a small space around this small rudderboat was breathtaking!

It was one of this dives where everyone comes back to the boat and no one talks.

At the 3rd of January we made then a nice early morning dive at Gubal Kebir, a perfect beginner dive site, but with so much ish again, that I don´t have the space to name them all including a swimming Nudibranch, a kind of a snail.


At lunch time we reached the Thistlegorm, one of the most visited wrecks in Red Sea. It is Cargo Boat that sunk 1941 by a german bomber pilot and is loaded with Jeeps, Vans, Riffles, Boots, Munition and Motorbikes. You can still see it all down there!

And we did: That was the only time we were surrounded by other Dive Boats, but we planed and realised our dives in a way, that we were always completly alone at the wreck. Our guide Moni did realy a good job on it . With her explenations it was easy to plan the dives and dive the plan! In the end we ralised four(!) dives in two days at the Thistlegorm and we saw it all! Including the cargo, the locomotive, the flak and the quarters of the crew.

I love to dive like this!

On the way back to Gubal Soraya we had company of some dolphins and did a nice night-dive at the Leichter again to come back to the real world. But it doesn´t work: we all felt still like Alice in Wonderland!

The very next day we went to the last wreck on our tour: the Ghiannis D at 22m depht. This wreck is not so beatyful like others, but it is 45º inclined, so that you get easy orientation problems. also is the easy to dive on Engine room with the hugh Diesels and all the hundreds of Glasfishes around a special experience! For good diver it is an easy wreck and now at the end of our milenium tour all of us were good divers! But like always the time passed to fast and the air was running out so we had to go back.

After tis great dive we drove to Shaab el Erg, because we have to goo back to Hurghada. Ther we had a nice finnishing dive with all the beauty and colours of the Red Sea. And at the end we received a special present: around 20 Dolphins start to play with us at the surface and underwater with all our scuba gear and bubbles!!! It was unbelieveble!


One Dolphin fetched a shell, put it on his nose and balanced it like this in front of 2 of our astonished snorklers( at that time they were already out of air) and let it fall. then he jumped out of the water and follwed the shell on the way down. He did this three times!

I try to imitate their style of swimming and called with this action the attention of a few dolphins which followed me and surrounded me faster and faster. Then they imitated us by swiming slowly and do some bubbles meanwhile watching carefully our reaction. After 43 minutes they disapeared as fast as they apaered and we swam happy and astonished back to the boat. Their I changed my tank and everyone trying to talk with everyone to express his thougts and feelings, what is impossible: language is insufissint for such an experience!

Then they came back and asked us again to play with them!

This time I fetched my U/W-Video-camera and filmed everything! This time only three of us were fast enough to dive with them: Moni ,Mike and me. We had another wonderful 37 minutes with them and it starts to become dark already when both sides decided that it is enough for now.

This night we didn´t do a night dive: We were shortly in front of a brain overflow!


The next day our exploration of the Red Sea ends and we have to leave the Milenium and his excellent crew . We miss them and one thing is for sure: we will come back!